Surfs Up – Best locations

Best spots around

Crescent Head. Iconic point break that offers one of the longest waves in Australia. Formed by rock shelf, round boulders and sand it’s a wave that appeals to all level of surfers. It generally works best on a southerly swell and can handle those big winter southerly winds … as the point offers protection.  Mid to High tide is best … but low tide can work too.

Back Crescent. A short drive down Point Plomer Rd and turn left to take you down to the beach. Much more exposed to the southerlies than Crescent. It does offer a good alternative..when conditions are in reverse.

Racecourse. This is at the other end from Back Crescent about 7 km from Crescent. There is a good breach break and a nice little point break. Both have easy viewing and access and face east so normal conditions apply. However note the Point needs a bit of swell and is best on low tide.

Sunset. Just over the hill from racecourse. Its a beach break worth checking as it can some great banks. There is a small rock out crop at the southern end which does offer some protection from southerly swells.

Delicate Nobby. A generally reliable wave especially when swell is small. At the northern end of Big Hill Beach its a little more open allowing it to collect the swell. Its also a beach break that works best with light winds….so early morning etc.

Big Hill. A good family beach. Facing north east it is protected from the Southerlies. You can get good beach breaks and also if the swell is modest say 3-4ft you often get the point linking a right hander all the way to the beach. If that’s not the case then sometimes you can get a left breaking into the channel running along the side of the point.

Barry’s Beach. Just over the hill from Big Hill… its very quiet this and is one to check when conditions are small. Facing more south it is open to collecting the swell. There is a right hander off the rocks straight in front or a left hander beach break on the southern side.

Point Plomer. The actual point doesn’t break that often and is quite protected from the Southerlies. With a really big swell it will break and can offer a good wave. Walking down the beach a little does offer a good range of beach breaks in any conditions.Good for launchings SUP”s and paddling down the beach for small waves.

Queens. Just around the headland going south you get Queens. You can see Port Macquarie from here. It almost directly faces south and picks up the swell easily. Because of its aspect its protected against the big summer north Easterlies which swing around the headland creating off shore conditions for surfers. A great summer alternative.