There are endless spots to Beach fish in the area between Crescent Head and Point Plomer. All the beaches have gutters that attract Flathead, Bream and Whiting. Of course many other fish types as well.

For those that prefer rock fishing there are a few headlands that offer tracks out for keen fisherman. If you prefer deep ocean fishing there are Charter Operators out of Port Macquarie and South West Rocks.    

Fishing Options

Beach fishing. There are several beaches in the area worth fishing. Killick Beach to the north and Queens to the south are the longest, whilst Crescent Back Beach, Delicate, Racecourse Beach, Big Hill and Plomer beaches are all worth a look.
Killack Beach is usually has a productive fishing hole within walking distance of the river mouth. The Headland is a productive spot for both fish and waves, particularly as it offers some shelter from NE winds.

Rock Fishing. With a headland at both ends of every beach, the options for rock fishing are plenty. Popular places include Delicate Knobby, Racecourse, Big Hill and Point Plomer. Despite the long walk, Racecourse has some great fishing at the first point in the bay as well as right out on the end.
If you prefer a shorter easier walk, Big Hill offers a few spots.  Point Plomeralso offer some rock fishing opportunities.

Offshore fishing. Killick Creek has a concrete ramp for small boats in a sheltered spot; yet you will need to check tides and shifting sands. There is a much friendlier set up down at Point Plomer but  you will ll need to 4WD to cross the sand.
If you have a boat that is too large to launch at Crescent, you can always take the back road to South West Rocks. It’s a beautiful drive that takes about an hour, and the fishing at SWR can be spectacular.

Freshwater fishing. The Maria River is known as a bass fishers’ heaven in its higher reaches.